The Wallington Fire Station

 Wallington Fire Department proudly protects 2000 people living in an area of 7 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status. The Wallington Fire Department was organized in 1915 and Incorporated April 1962. The first fire station consisted of one bay with Spencer Duncan and George Mason doing most of the building. Wallington’s first engine was a model T Ford hand pumper and chemical truck (soda/acid) and was put into service in the late 1920’s. In 1936 the Wallington Fire Department purchased their first new pumper, a Ford chassis with a flat head V-8 and had it equipped in Webster, N.Y. by the Rochester Fire Equipment Company. The Wallington Fire Department still has the 1936 pumper and we proudly display it in local parades.

 As the years went by, the Wallington Fire Company has done it’s best to keep up the changing and improved equipment, technology, and training. With members dedication and a lot work at our fundraises, the building has been rebuilt and additions built to what it is today, four bays, large meeting/banquet room and kitchen. In additions to that over the years, with some help from grants, since the beginning we have purchased 13 fire trucks, and an off road vehicle for off road rescues and fires. We current house 5 fire trucks and the off road vehicle in our four bays.

We currently have an ISO rating of 4 with the scale being 1-10 with 1 being the best. This helps our residences save on the property insurance. This calculates to approximately 12 percent of the fire companies in New York State are rated higher. This include city fire departments.

Wallington is one of 7 fire companies that make up the 3rd Battalion in Wayne County, New York. The Wallington Fire District is in the Town of Sodus, Wayne County. Sodus is located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario and is 35 mile east of Rochester, New York.

Jurisdictions Served:
7  MILE RADIUS, of our own district, plus the Mutual Aid agreement with the Town of Sodus to cover their area when needed . We also assist in Mutual Aid with The FIVE surrounding Towns around Sodus. They are Huron, Lyons, Arcadia, Galen, and Williamson.

The Wallington Fire Department maintains a landing pad for Mercy Flight Central where their helicopters are often requested by Wayne County Volunteer Fire Departments and Ambulance Corps to provide fast transportation of patients to trauma care facilities in Rochester, Syracuse and other sites in Upstate New York.


Calls by Month
Wallington Fire Department
P.O. Box 57
7863 Ridge Road,
Wallington, NY 14551
(315) 483-8992
Mike Crandell, Fire Chief
Paid: 0, Paid/On-Call: 0,
Volunteers: 49
as of February, 2019

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Call Stats 2019
TOTAL      84
Fire     34     32
Mercy Flight
Hazardous Conditions
Other / Service