2017 January

1-28-17 1 Vehicle MVA

At 11:51 AM we were dispatched to a 1 car Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) rollover on Ridge Road. There was one person injured and taken hospital. We had 3 Chiefs, and 10 members respond to assist. We were back in service at 12:33 PM.

01-04-17 Residential Water Problems

At 1:50 PM we were dispatched to a residence on Boyd Road where the water in the basement was going into furnace. We pumped the water out for resident. We had our Chief and 6 members respond. We were back in service at 2:50 PM.

Calls by Month
Wallington Fire Department
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7863 Ridge Road,
Wallington, NY 14551
(315) 483-8992
Mike Crandell, Fire Chief
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Volunteers: 49
as of February, 2019