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2004 RD Murray Freightliner

  • 3200 gallons on board a Polly tank
  • 3500 gallon portable pond
  • 500 gpm pump by Hale
  • Cross lays 1 inch and three quarters and 1- 2 and a half inch 200 foot each.
  • Responds to all possible structure fires as well as on request for mutual aid to surrounding departments.
  • Also can be used for fire police and Mercy flight landing zones
  • Soft suction 2 lengths of 15 feet
  • Automatic Dumps from inside the cab or on the rear of the truck for easy operation.
  • Also on board is some fire police gear
  • Brooms and rakes for brush fires
  • Two I.S.I. Air packs with two spare bottles
  • 2-lengths of hydrant hose for quick filling.


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